The Backpacking Experience

Interested in backpacking but not sure where to start?  It can be intimidating.  Already a backpacker but not sure where to go?  Or maybe you just hate planning a trip.  Looking for a group of people to go backpacking with?  Do you want more out of your backpacking experiences?

I’ve written about the joys of backpacking and I have experience leading groups on 100s of miles worth of expeditions.  I’ve also tested/reviewed thousands of dollars worth of gear.  A satellite rescue device always accompanies us on our trips.  If you’re interested, all gear can be reviewed prior to us leaving in order to make sure everyone is prepared.

I’m now offering several customized backpacking experiences for those interested.  Some options include:

  • Backpacking 101: This is the “couch to 5k” backpacking experience
  • Gear Eval: Looking for ways to lighten up?  Get more comfortable?  Increase redundancy? or just double check to make sure that you’ve though of everything.  This is for you.
  • Get in shape: Been awhile since you were out on the trail?  Have a planned hike coming up?  Let’s create a plan for you to make sure you’re prepared.
  • Guided Trips:  I plan and guide you/your group on one of the trails that I’ve done in the past.

Have an idea for a backpacking experience that you want that I’m not currently providing?  Contact me and let me know.