Fermenting Solutions

I’m reviving my email newsletter entitled Fermenting Solutions. It started about a year ago as an effort to ‘dog food’ AWeber’s Curate mobile app. It’s a semi regular chronicle of a current project that I’m spending time on… the trials, tribulations and the interesting beverages I’ve had to drink while trying to work through them. You can read past issues here. If you’re interested in getting all new issues in your inbox, you can sign up using the form below.

By Jason

Jason Donmoyer is Co-Founder of Threddies. He spends his day applying technology to any aspect of Threddies where it can improve operations and help in growing the business. Jason is also responsible for research and development ensuring that Threddies is prepared for future changes and market needs.
Jason has been involved in organically growing several organizations from small startups into medium sized businesses and ultimately onto acquisition.
Jason is a small business and technology education advocate. He uses his experiences as Threddies co-founder and a long time software engineer to specialize in giving your small but growing business advice and the tools that deliver results!
Jason enjoys the outdoors with his family from his home in southeastern Pennsylvania where he enjoys pursuing side gigs and being an all around sound, light, electronics and chemistry tinkerer. You can always see what he is up to now.

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