What am I doing now?


I live almost exactly half way between Philadelphia and Allentown in a great rural area that gives me amazing access to nature while still being close to ‘civilization’. I’m happily married with two 11 year old boys.


I’m an active National rank beer judge who enjoys sampling all of the great beers that this area of Pennsylvania has to offer. I’m really into experimenting with cooking awesome things on my Traeger grill. I take every opportunity I can to hike the most discussed trails wherever I find myself. It’s the time of year where I’m starting to think about my gardening endeavors for the year.


I’m currently training in calisthenics with the focus on increasing my mobility. I’m continuing my multi year trend of time restricted feeding and quantifying everything I do. I keep an updated blog post that discusses my daily rituals.



This is my main gig now. I do whatever is necessary on any given day, but my big focus right now is building out a capability to customize our products.


I maintain two public Android apps… The BJCP beer style reference and inMyCellar. I’ve drastically reduced my work on private apps and consulting, but will still consider the right opportunity.


Just about every other project I blog about on this site.

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