What am I doing now?

updated on March 28, 2024


To inspire people to lead a more adventurous, fulfilling and sustainable life, while increasing the ‘health’ of themselves, their community and the environment.


To turn your  business ‘lead’ into ‘gold’


I live almost exactly half way between Philadelphia and Allentown (Pennsylvania, USA) in a great rural area that gives me amazing access to nature while still being close to ‘civilization’. I’m happily married with two teen boys.


I really love my local community and do whatever I can to volunteer to make it better. As a local business leader, I work with other businesses, government and schools to improve the local business climate and ensure that students are prepared to positively contribute upon graduation.  I consult with several local businesses on ways to improve their operations.


I’m an active National rank beer judge who enjoys sampling all of the great beers that this area of Pennsylvania has to offer. Whenever I travel, I’m searching for the best local beverages as well.

I always wanted to be Indiana Jones when I grew up and as such, I have an eager interest in the indigenous cultures of the Americas… particularly the Maya and the various groups that historically lived in the area where I now live. I take every opportunity I can to visit any spots where Archaeoastronomy is evident. I spend a lot of time researching the threads that connect ‘new’ and ‘old’ world cultures.

I’m an avid backpacker and I always try to hike the most recommended trails wherever I find myself. I’m always trying to become a more ultralight backpacker and you’ll often find me solo, trying to better these skills. I’ve been slowly section hiking the Appalachian Trail (I’ve been dubbed ‘Bounce’). If you know of any great spots that I need to hit, please let me know!

I love foraging and gardening and try to improve my prowess in both of these areas constantly. I’m slowly growing and improving my mycology expertise.


I’m obsessed with doing everything I can to improve/maintain my health. I’m constantly building bridges so that I can store and query everything from Google Fit/Health Connect.

I’m currently training in calisthenics with the focus on increasing my mobility. I’m continuing my multi year trend of time restricted feeding and quantifying everything I do. I renewed my interest in Yoga/Mindfulness and now practice daily. I keep an updated blog post that discusses my daily rituals.



This is my main gig now. I do whatever is necessary on any given day, but my big focus right now is on growing Threddies to the next level. My personal mission is to continue sourcing products from and supporting companies that manufacture locally using sustainable practices. There is always room for improvement in this area.


There are a growing number of projects/companies that I offer blockchain consulting services for. This ranges from ‘What are ways that we can leverage blockchain?’ to actual smart contract and other web3 related software development.  I’m a proud member of both the DeSci and Greenpill movements.


Most of my software and consulting work now is in the eCommerce space. I have been taking many of the lessons learned growing and running Threddies and creating products and services based on these best practices. I’m a small business advocate and have been working with several local business owners to improve their offerings. I’m a proud member of the Anti-Amazon Alliance and if you give me 10 minutes, I’ll discuss all of the relevant reasons why you might want to consider joining also. If you are interested in working with me in this area, please reach out and let me know!

Transmutable Explorations

This is the ‘real world entity’ that serves as the umbrella for everything I do outside of Threddies. It’s always been a loose structure of people (I’m the only permanent member), working towards common goals, but we’ve been actively moving it more and more towards being a true DAO. I’m always asked what we do… In many cases, it’s anything/everything that interests us in the moment. Most of our projects are ‘gated’, but I blog about some of the things that aren’t private on this site.


Biohacking for Business

What’s in my …?

Support Me

Obviously, you can partner with or purchase any of the products from Threddies (my personal faves can always be found on my LinkPop), but here are some other ways that you can show your support:

I strive to provide the ultimate backpacking experience for new/intermediate hikers.

If you or your organization enjoys beer, I offer Guided Beer Tastings.

You can also purchase from your favorite companies and signup for new services using my affiliate links. I only recommend things that I actually use.

Have a potential project? Interested in working with us? Send me an email.

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