Guided Beer Tastings

What’s the difference between an American and an English IPA? Interested in a classic example of a Belgian Pale Ale? Want to know the historical significance of Lambic? Maybe you just want to impress your friends with your depth of knowledge in beer history and adjectives describing flavor/aroma characteristics?

You can now join Jason Donmoyer, a BJCP National ranked beer judge, for a guided tasting and discussion centered around your favorite beverage.  There are several prepared options or we can tailor an event to you specific desires.  In all cases, we will explore the broad range of flavors, aromas and sights that beer offers by sampling and discussing the nuances of each.  Details about the brewing process and how local circumstances and historical factors played into the creation of the beer styles that arose in various parts of the world will be sprinkled throughout.  Light hors d’oeuvres that pair well with the beers can be provided.  Both in person and remote options are available.  You just might consider bringing a bottle of beer instead of wine to your next dinner party after this experience!

The most commonly requested options include:

  • Recent Local Releases:  This tasting and discussion focuses on recently released and in demand local craft beers.
  • Classic Examples:  Focus is on the best stylistic examples of beer available in America.
  • Brewing Process and Ingredients:  Deep dive on the brewing process and the ingredients that make up beer.
  • Religion and Its Influence on Beer:  Take a trip through time in a discussion that focuses on how Religion has influenced beer throughout the millennia.


For more information or to book your own guided tasting, please use the contact form below.


Remember to always drink responsibly.