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  • Apollo Neuro Review

    Apollo Neuro Review

    When I finally got serious about ‘getting fit’, I bought my first Oura ring.  At the time, I primarily wanted to fix my sleep issues.  A happy side effect of this purchase was that it made me more aware of my Heart Rate Variability (HRV).  I always considered my HRV on the lower side, but…

  • My Alcohol Dichotomy

    My Alcohol Dichotomy

    I love beer… but I also strive to live the healthiest possible lifestyle.  I often encounter people that think I’m embellishing my beer resume since I guess I don’t look/act like the typical 40+ year old beer drinker.  I have enough proof that I’m not beefing up this resume 😁 Read on if you’re interested…

  • Viome Review

    Viome Review

    More and more research points to the importance of the gut microbiome on many areas of health.  In my quest for improving my fitness, I was hitting plateaus that I suspected could have been related to a least than ideal gut microbiome.  I didn’t want to blindly start trying to ‘improve’ something that I wasn’t…

  • Sauna Protocol and Benefits of Sauna Use

    Sauna Protocol and Benefits of Sauna Use

    Fairly early on in my journey toward better health, I kept running into all the research touting the benefits of sauna use.  None of these prescribed a specific sauna protocol, but noted that there seemed to be many benefits that correlated with regular use of sauna.  Sauna use wasn’t really foreign to me.  I had…

  • Examine.com/Examine+ Review

    Examine.com/Examine+ Review

    I often get a common set of questions after making new ‘Health’ posts or reviews. “How do you research publications related to what you’re writing about?”  “How do you determine the experiments you conduct in order to reach your goals?”  Part of the answer to both of these questions is: Examine.com/Examine+.  Read on for my…

  • SelfDecode Review

    SelfDecode Review

    In many of my ‘Health‘ related posts, I write about how just about everything I do is informed with data.  This data comes in many forms, wearables, blood work, subjective feeling.  The best experiments that I’ve done usually start with hypotheses that arise out of research that I’ve done related to DNA analysis.  I’ve tried…

  • In Pursuit of Metabolic Flexibility

    Origins of the Pursuit for Metabolic Flexibility There was a time when I was a big advocate of ‘grazing’.  Everything I was taught growing up emphasized this.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  When I began playing sports, it was crucial to be eating constant small meals in order to ‘maximize gains’. …

  • InsideTracker Review

    InsideTracker Review

    I’m constantly experimenting with ways to improve my health.  Experiments should always begin with a hypothesis.  They should also be designed in a way to control as many variables as possible.  If you don’t have a way to measure outcomes, you’re just guessing about the overall effectiveness of what you’re testing, no matter how well…

  • Vessel Health Review

    Vessel Health Review

      I discovered Vessel Health while looking for a way to monitor my cortisol levels.  As with many of these things, I was skeptical at first, but still very eager to give it a try.  I contemplated signing up for months.  Eventually, I got a discount for a month’s supply of test cards.  I already…

  • Taking My Metabolic Fitness to new ‘Levels’

    Taking My Metabolic Fitness to new ‘Levels’

    My experience in the levels health beta test. Review of Levels hardware and software.