Blockchain Services

Our team offers a variety of blockchain services.  We have canned programs or can tailor our offerings to your needs.


Prepared programs include:

  • Introduction to blockchains – We discuss what a blockchain actually is and why it is an important evolution in technology.  For those interested in cryptocurrencies we can discuss that in more depth.  We finish discussing other things that blockchains are/can be used for.
  • Why should I care about blockchains for my business? – We go more in depth about the many ways beyond cryptocurrency that blockchains are currently being used.  If desired, we can hypothesize different scenarios that you may want to consider them for your business.
  • Introduction to DAOs – We discuss DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), where they work and where they don’t and upcoming solutions for solving coordination failures.

In addition to these presentations, we also offer smart contract development.  For more information, use the contact form below.