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  • Google Shopping Actions with Shopify

    Google Shopping Actions with Shopify

    At Google Marketing Live on May 14th, Google announced a radical revamp of their Google Express shopping service. Even before this announcement, I was working with Google to get Threddies approved and setup using Google Shopping Actions. Google Shopping Actions (GSA) is a mechanism for exposing your products for purchase to the Google Assistant via […]

  • Indoor Gardening Setup

    I’ve always been a fan of gardening.  It probably has something to do with spending all that time out in the sun with my great grandmother digging in the dirt as a kid and enjoying the great things that came from it when it was ultimately time for harvest. I lost touch with this joy […]

  • Hey Google, talk to the Beer Judge Exam Trainer!

    Hey Google, talk to the Beer Judge Exam Trainer!

    It’s finally here… my first app for the Google Assistant has been approved.  You can get all of the details here,  but the basic gist is that it’s a straightforward helper for studying for the BJCP exam.  It’s available on Google Home, Android 6.0+ phones (soon to be 5.0+), TVs and iOS 9.0+ phones.  I basically used this as an example […]

  • Who’s the Phoneme?

    Ever since attending Google I/O (one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended… seriously Google, please have me back next year!) earlier this year, I felt I needed to build a dedicated app for the Google Assistant.  I kicked around a ton of ideas and at first felt daunted by all of the things that I […]