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  • Updating Custom Shopify 2.0 Themes

    Most of my Shopify using clients tend to use an existing Shopify theme rather than create an entirely new theme for themselves from scratch. This is a great way to get a store up and running fast. Some use the freely provided themes from Shopify, while others pay to use a special theme created by […]

  • Ghost in the (Google Cloud) Shell

    One of the perks of being a technologist that is not tied to a traditional 9 to 5 is that you have immense freedom in terms of where you can complete your ‘work’ from. I’ve always toyed with the digital nomad lifestyle… but it’s kind of ridiculous when you need to lug around an insane […]

  • How to backup and restore inMyCellar database

    How to backup and restore inMyCellar database

    Probably the most frequent question I hear from inMyCellar users is: “HELP!! I got a brand new shiny phone, installed inMyCellar and my cellar is now empty!  How do I get it back?”.  I hear your concern, and it pains me that I haven’t had enough free time to complete the uber cloud based backup […]

  • Hey Google, talk to the Beer Judge Exam Trainer!

    Hey Google, talk to the Beer Judge Exam Trainer!

    It’s finally here… my first app for the Google Assistant has been approved.  You can get all of the details here,  but the basic gist is that it’s a straightforward helper for studying for the BJCP exam.  It’s available on Google Home, Android 6.0+ phones (soon to be 5.0+), TVs and iOS 9.0+ phones.  I basically used this as an example […]

  • Who’s the Phoneme?

    Ever since attending Google I/O (one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended… seriously Google, please have me back next year!) earlier this year, I felt I needed to build a dedicated app for the Google Assistant.  I kicked around a ton of ideas and at first felt daunted by all of the things that I […]

  • Using the Physical Web to Drive Subscriber Growth and Engagement

    NOTE: As of December 6, 2018, Google will be discontinuing Nearby Notifications on Android, making much of the information in this post no longer relevant.  Read more here. Threddies recently made the transition from existing online only to having a B&M boutique shop.  The Threddies shop specializes in items that are noticeably distinct from the […]