I’m retiring…



…from the rat race at least 😉  I’m extremely excited to announce that effective 11/09/2018 I will be a full time employee of Threddies!  Many of you are likely already aware that I’ve been working part time at my day job since April in preparation for this and I know, based on the questions that I’ve received, that it will save a lot of time for everyone if I document the basics .

A brief history lesson

We’ve been building Threddies for well over a decade and have learned a lot along the way.  The tech stack has evolved and been replaced several times.  We’ve overcome many of the difficulties of building a new technology based small business in the Upper Bucks and Montgomery County area of Pennsylvania.  We’ve made mistakes and come up with better ways of doing things, but in that time, we’ve grown what was once a tiny side project into a serious e-commerce and brick and mortar business.   In doing this, we’ve realized that we have a lot to offer others who want to do something similar in our region.

Threddies has never really been a major focus of mine since I’ve always had a full time ‘day’ job and a freelance consulting business throughout most of its lifetime.  I’ve been working on a transition plan for the last few months and laying out a plan for how to grow Threddies while also continuing to stay current with the latest advancements in technology.

So what exactly will you be doing?

As of COB on 11/09, I will manage the day to day operations of Threddies.  My consulting business will still exist, but will have a major change of focus.  We will be taking on fewer ‘implementation’ based contracts and instead focus on more ‘strategy’ based ones.  I want to make Upper Bucks and Montgomery counties a great place to start a small business, especially one that is technology based.  I want to help others succeed in building out awesome companies that make our local area a better place to live.  I want to help fill the void in relevant technology and entrepreneurship related education in our public school system.  If you’re passionate about joining me in this, check out the ‘How can I help?’ section below.

I’m currently in the process of taking things that have worked for Threddies and my consulting business and building solutions around them that others can use.  You’ll see more of me at local meetups discussing the latest initiatives and working to better understand pain points that we can offer additional solutions for.

I’m one of your existing clients, what does this mean for me?

First, I’m pretty confident that this is not news for you since I worked with every one of my existing clients to come up with a personalized plan for what happens after this change 😉 All existing contracts will be completed at the same level of quality as if this change never occurred.  For many, I won’t be taking on new work, but I hope to continue working with you on new strategic initiatives.

I was hoping to become a client, what now?

Reach out!  I’m interested in helping, especially if you’re local.  I might say ‘no’ to taking on your project directly, but I can refer you to someone who is more than capable.  I’m also really interested in hearing what you have planned and continuing to build my network.  I may have some expertise to help you and you might be doing something that’s too awesome for me to pass up being involved!

What about all of the fun, one-off experiments?

I believe that the worst thing you can do in business or technology is become stagnant and stop learning.  So the ‘experiments’ will definitely continue.  I fully believe that I will have even more time and resources to invest in conducting (and hopefully documenting) some really crazy experiments.  In fact, the majority of ‘implementation’ based consulting projects that will be continuing after 11/9 fall into this category!

How can I help?

Drop me a line and let’s chat.  I’m looking for people passionate about technology and small business in the Upper Bucks and Montgomery area.  Let’s bounce ideas off of each other and do great things!  If you are starting or growing a business in the area and want to chat or are looking for financing or technological expertise, I want to hear from you!


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  1. Congrats and good luck!

    1. Thanks Andy!

  2. Chirag Dua Avatar
    Chirag Dua

    I have always admired your passion towards technology Jason! Great to hear what are you up to now, all the very best!

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