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  • Influencer Marketing

    Influencer Marketing

    Why Influencer Marketing? At threddies, we’ve dabbled with adding influencer marketing to our repertoire for some time.  We’ve always had mixed experiences with it.  One of the biggest issues that a small marketing team faces, involves managing the ‘influencers’.  How can you easily see what’s working and what’s not?  How can you tweak the influencer […]

  • Google Shopping Actions with Shopify

    Google Shopping Actions with Shopify

    At Google Marketing Live on May 14th, Google announced a radical revamp of their Google Express shopping service. Even before this announcement, I was working with Google to get Threddies approved and setup using Google Shopping Actions. Google Shopping Actions (GSA) is a mechanism for exposing your products for purchase to the Google Assistant via […]

  • Shopify Webhooks driving AWeber

    This post is a solution to a problem I had with the AWeber Shopify integration. To get the most out of this post, check out the original problem here. …the continuation… Being that I was spending 30+ minutes every day manually solving this problem, it was important that I had a MVP solution quickly. I […]

  • Annoying Time Sink of the Month…

    Every day there is an annoying thing that I MUST do.  It annoys me that I need to, but as part of running a professional business it must be done.  I discovered the issue about a month ago and have been doing this job manually every day since… all the while thinking about a solution […]

  • I’m retiring…

    …from the rat race at least 😉  I’m extremely excited to announce that effective 11/09/2018 I will be a full time employee of Threddies!  Many of you are likely already aware that I’ve been working part time at my day job since April in preparation for this and I know, based on the questions that […]

  • Using the Physical Web to Drive Subscriber Growth and Engagement

    NOTE: As of December 6, 2018, Google will be discontinuing Nearby Notifications on Android, making much of the information in this post no longer relevant.  Read more here. Threddies recently made the transition from existing online only to having a B&M boutique shop.  The Threddies shop specializes in items that are noticeably distinct from the […]